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Stephen H. Watkins

Stephen H. WatkinsStephen is an experienced entrepreneur, founding and growing several successful information and business services companies. He is responsible at Entrex for the overall Entrex business strategy, development of key strategic relationships, marketing strategy, and marketing communications. His efforts raising capital for those companies repeatedly demonstrated the inefficient and unstructured path that entrepreneurial companies traverse to gain exposure and credibility in the capital markets and financial community. These experiences inspired Mr. Watkins to conceive a capital market for entrepreneurial companies and to establish Entrex.

In 2006 Mr. Watkins authored the book: "Capital Can't Fund What it Can't Find", which focused on capital markets, capital formation and capital access for entrepreneurial companies. Mr. Watkins is active in the US Chamber of Commerce, Fortune Small Business, and other global business forums which provide him regular opportunities to speak to entrepreneurial company CEO's about Growth, Financing and Capital formation and discuss Entrex.







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